Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weeks 10-Present: A Long Overdue Update

Well, it's been about 19 weeks since my surgery, and I'll just say that today I went running. Yeah, that's right. But I am getting a little ahead of myself . . .

My last post left off at about week 10, which is when I started going back to work for half shifts. I work at a coffee shop, and I usually work an 8 hour shift, 5 days a week. So for weeks 10 and 11, I did about 4-5 4 hour shifts a week. And that was pretty much a piece of cake. My feet were a little tired, but not swollen or anything by the end of the day.

Then I started full time 12 weeks after my surgery. Whoo man, my feet were so tired after each shift, and also a little swollen. It was mostly my arches that hurt, so after work for about 2 weeks, I would get home and put my feet up and take it easy for the rest of the night.

I had ordered some compression tights online before going back to work full time, and they arrived at about week 14, and they seemed to help a lot. Compression tights are supposed to help your blood circulate back up to your heart which reduces swelling in the feet and ankles, and helps prevent varicose veins. These things are tight. It took me about 10 minutes to get them on the first time, then I got the hang of it after that.

After week 14, my feet started getting better and better every day. I could work and they would only be a little tired, and they started feeling more and more normal every day.

A few days ago, I got my custom orthotics, that I had been molded for my feet a few weeks before, and they feel pretty good. My feet are still getting used to them, so my arches feel a little sore. I've been cleared to do anything that I want. 

I've never made New Year's resolutions, but since the start of the new year happens to coincide with my feet being back in action, this year it is my goal to get into top physical shape. I want to be able to outrun psychopaths, outbike the hipsters, take a hard hit in the stomach, and put my legs behind my head. Mostly though, I want to join a roller derby team. I am going to start the San Diego Derby Dolls boot camp in April, which gives me about 3 months to toughen up for it. I am pretty small, and some of those derby girls could probably break my neck with their thighs, so I gotta be ready.

As far as shoes go, I am wearing my PF Flyers, my most favorite shoes, all the time. They started to hurt my knobs pretty badly before surgery, so I am glad that they are comfortable again. I slipped on a pair of my heels the other day (just to see), and they are not comfortable at all. They make my big toes feel like they are going to snap off. I think from now on I am going to be more conservative with my footwear and probably buy a pair of Remix wedges to wear with my dresses.

I'll take these scars over knobs any day.