Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Days 63-67: Bootless

Day 63:

I had an appointment, and right away we took some x-rays. When we finished with the x-rays, I started to put my boots on so I could walk back to the other room, but my doc said "You can walk barefoot if you want." So I hopped off the table and pirouetted down the hall and into the other room. Actually I almost lost my balance the moment I stood on my bare feet, and hobbled down the hall to the other room.

The x-rays were obviously good enough for me to walk without the boots, but the bones are still healing, so really all I can do is walk right now, and he said that I could ride my bike. Just no running or any impact. He said I could walk barefoot but it isn't going to be comfortable to do so for a while. And boy was he right. It hurts my soles to walk barefoot. I keep shoes on most of the time, or I wear a pair of slippers which feel ok as long as I don't walk in them for long.

Anyway, when I got home I promptly put on a pair of shoes and did some walking around. My legs were weak, especially my ankles, I couldn't stand on my tip toes or my legs would start to shake, and I was moving quite slow.

I went to work for a few hours. I work at a coffee shop, but my boss said I could help here with some office work while my feet are on the mend. Then after work Mikey and I went searching for some pumpkins for carving. We went to a pumpkin patch and found a few that we liked, but decided to check a bunch of grocery stores before we ended up back at that same pumpkin patch where we bought two very nice pumpkins for carving.

Then that evening I started making some black bean burger batter (is batter the right word for that?) for a Halloween party the next day (I've found it is best to let it sit in the fridge over night), so I was standing on my feet for a while. By the end of the day, my feet were tired, a little sore, but weren't swollen at all.

Day 64:

I got up, took Freddy for a walk, and then started cooking some more stuff for the party. Once again I was on my feet a lot because of the cooking. I formed that batter into patties and fried them, and I also made some pumpkin pie brownies. Yum.

At around 5pm, Mikey and I headed over to our friends' place for the party, where I did some more walking and standing, a bunch of eating, and carved my pumpkin.

This one's mine


And the rest of them

After the party, my feet felt like they did the night before. Not too bad.

Day 65:

Woke up and took some photos of my feet.

I wear the spacers at night, and only with my grandma shoes that are extra wide and really soft canvas so they are pretty comfortable. Unfortunately, they are a half size too big so my arch support slide around in them. I can wear my PF Flyers (as in my previous post) but I can feel the eyelets just sitting on my scars which are still tender. Not a very good feeling.

Sans spacers:

And you can't tell by these photos, but my calves are so sore. Probably the most sore they have ever been in my life. I took it easy on this day. I still did some walking, and since Friday had gotten a lot better (and a little faster) at it.

Day 66:

I had a physical therapy appointment where my outside scars really got worked on. The skin is still a little sore because of it.  The walking will help break up the scar tissue and make the toes bend even more, so I'll be fully healed in no time.

After physical therapy, I went to work. I did mostly office work, but I also ran breaks, so I was working on my feet for about 2 hours. I felt fine, other than my sore calves.

Day 67:

My calves are no longer sore, and I'm almost walking normal. My toes still aren't bending all the way so I am not following my stride all the way through before I put my weight on the next foot. I can stand on my tip toes without my legs shaking like crazy. And I worked a 4 hour standing/walking shift and felt fine. No swelling or pain after work.

My feet seem to be changing pretty rapidly, so I'll try to keep up with the posting.

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  1. How's it going? You must have made so much progress since this post!