Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 53: Damn Foreigners

Nothing remarkable has happened in the days since my last post, but I thought should update.

I am walking around my house without the crutches. Walking with the crutches feels exactly the same as walking without them, so I only use the them outside the house, for speediness, and to send people a warning that something is wrong with my feet, if they don't see the two big boots I am wearing.

My feet aren't swollen at all, and they don't get swollen even after standing/walking for a while. Nor are they painful. The outside of the big toes still feel a little numb to the touch, but way less than they did a few weeks ago. The scars are looking the same as the previous post. And with physical therapy sessions twice a week, these toes are starting to bend.

This left toe is stiffer than my right.

Using all of my brain and muscle power to bend these:

The only thing that is bothering me right now, is that my feet feel foreign. Not all the time, but only when I put a little weight on them outside of the boots. I am not standing in this photo; I am sitting with my feet lightly pressed to the floor:

In this position, the skin feels a bit tight, and I feel like I have pebbles imbedded in the balls of my feet just south of the big toes. And the left foot feels like it has a bigger pebble than the right. I am guessing these are my sesamoids that I am feeling. I think that these new feet will need some breaking in before I get used to them. Which I can't do yet, as I am still bound to these boots. I'll reserve further judgment on these feet until I can actually walk normally.

Honestly, I will be happy if I can fit into some PF Flyers comfortably without busting out the sides.

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