Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 42: Lazy Bones

I've started several posts in the last few days, but I didn't really have much to say. I figured that I would wait until my 6 week post-op appointment. I had that today, so I finally feel like I have a post worth posting.
My feet are looking pretty good on the outside. The scars are healing nicely.

But it's the bones that are more important at this stage, though. And well they are doing just ok. The big toe fractures are healing on schedule, but the little toe fractures are a bit behind, so I am stuck in these boots for another 3 weeks, with my weight mostly on my heels. I am a little bummed, because I was expecting to be full weight bearing by now.

I've looked back at the past couple weeks and wondered what could have caused this slow down (if anything). And after thinking about it for some time, I've concluded that it's my diet. I wasn't eating terribly unhealthy, but I was waking up a lot later, eating less, and eating less good stuff for a while. Then, of course, there was the trip I took last week to Kansas. It is impossible to go to the Midwest as a vegetarian and expect to eat a balanced diet, especially when the vegetable options are potatoes or corn, and the only lettuce they have is iceberg with dressing options like Ranch and Dorothy Lynch (both of witch I hate).  Let's just say my little sister (also a vegetarian) and I got some weird looks when we asked for no meat, or lemon wedges in place of dressing because balsamic vinegar and olive oil wasn't really an option either. It is amazing that I survived there for 10 years during my childhood, because I didn't really eat meat then either.

On top of all that, I drank more soda that I usually do, and I had coffee for the first time in months while on vacation (only two cups in five days, so it probably isn't a big deal, but still . . .) I couldn't go to the grocery store by myself, and my boyfriend who doesn't like to grocery shop had to go for me. I never knew what I wanted because Mikey was too busy working on his art installation to cook, so we ended up eating burritos a lot. Man, it was a lot easier for me to eat healthy when I was working because I got a free, healthy meal, and I had a nice routine that good food just fit into.

All that is going to change for the next three weeks though. It is now a lot easier for me to get around, so I can go to the grocery store with Mikey, and I can stand up for long periods of time so I can cook for myself. I just need to shop for the right foods and not eat the rest of the tasty chocolate pecan pralines that are still in the cupboard. Things that I need to consume to help with bone healing: calcium, vitamin C, protein, vitamin K, and I need to take my multivitamin every day (oops). Things to avoid: caffeine, chocolate, sugar, and salt, plus things I don't consume anyway such as red meat and alcohol. The hardest thing for me will be chocolate, but I think I'll be fine without it for a few weeks.

I obviously don't have a control group to prove any of this, and I don't know what would have to happen in three weeks to make this experiment seem successful, but I like the idea of having some control over my body just by what I put into it. Plus, I will be eating healthier than before, and that is always good.

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  1. Tris,

    my Mom told me that you, Chase, and your parents stopped by to see them in Seneca. I was so bummed that I wasn't there. Anyhow, it started thinking about you and found this awesome blog. I wanted to say hi... and that I miss you. This is going to sound strange, but it is weird seeing pictures of your feet, because I remember your knobs so well!