Thursday, September 1, 2011

Days 5, 6, & 7

Nothing much to report.

My last Percocet was on Day 4 at 10am, and I haven't taken anything else for pain since and my feet feel fine. The pain is about a 1 as long as I keep them elevated, otherwise they'll still throb. Still absolutely not weight bearing. And the left feels a little worse than the right, even though I've treated them equally. The difference in pain between the two is so minor that I am not worried about it.

Other than that I still keep them elevated and iced as much as possible. I am moving about a bit more on my own: from the bed to the wheelchair, to the couch, to the wheelchair, to the chair, back to wheelchair, back to the bed. By the end of my recovery, I am going to have these measly little legs and some buff arms.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get the bandages off. The bandages themselves are like half casts. They are rigid only on the back of my legs to the bottoms of my feet, so I haven't moved my ankles in a week. So at 9:30 tomorrow, I'll get to stretch my ankles, see my incisions, stitches, bruising, and hopefully minor swelling, because my toes still look normal. And you will see all of this as well because I will have my camera.

Until tomorrow. . .

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