Friday, September 9, 2011

Days 11-15

Man! I am really getting stuff done over here. I've watched the complete first season of Game of Thrones, read two books: Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees, and Ender's Game, watched several movies, and conquered Super Mario Bros. on the DS. Man that game was fun. It is the very first video game I have ever conquered in my whole life. Quite a monumental day that was. I would get so pissed off at it, though; cursing myself and Mario for doing stupid things.

Anyway, my feet are doing well. They haven't changed much since the last post, and I haven't changed my routine with them. Still icing twice a day, stimulating once a day, and still elevating all the time. I do notice that there is not as much throbbing when they are not elevated. The left one still is a bit more tender than the right, but very little. I think it is because that incision bled a bit more than the rest; it's the only one with dried blood.

I had another visit with my doctor today (Day 15) and he says everything still looks really good. Not much happened. He cut of the knots at each end of the dissolvable stitches, bent my big toes a little which hurt a bit, and told me that I should start physical therapy.

I've made an appointment with the physical therapist for Thursday the 15th, more of a consultation than physical therapy. When I do actually start, I will be going 3 times a week for 6 weeks. I gotta get these toes into shape, so they'll bend when I walk. Walking, still none of that. I'll still be crawling and wheeling around for a while. We'll see what happens at my next appointment with the doc in two more weeks.

No photos today. Sorry. My feet still look pretty much the same as the last photos. The only difference is that the bruising is starting to turn that lovely shade of healing green, but I don't think that the camera can pick up those subtleties of color. I'll photograph when these feet start to look a little different.

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  1. I FREAKING LOVED Ender's Game! That book is still in my rotation! I didn't like Speaker For The Dead but really liked Ender's Shadow. I got as far in that series as Shadow Of The Giant before I finally gave up and wrote Orson Scott Card an angry letter!