Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 8: Alright Boots!


My aching knobless feet! I just got back from my appointment, and all that really happened to my feet were the taking off of bandages, some x-rays, and the putting on of boots, but they feel like they have been punched. I had grown accustomed to pretty much painless feet, so it sucks to have them hurt. But other than the pain, it went very well.

First though, the revealing of the feet!


They look freshly dead here.

The stitches are under the skin and will dissolve.

To see all the pictures we took, visit my flickr page.

Good news is: They are healing very fast. So fast in fact, that I can already get my feet wet! I suppose I am something of a speed healer; I always knew I had a hidden talent.

Other good news: The swelling is very minimal, and the x-rays look really good, like normal feet bones with the exception of the screws.

The not so good news is: These boots are a lot more work, they don't slide (I don't know yet if that will be a help or hindrance),  and they are heavier than my pseudo casts were, so I guess more upper body strength training for me.  I do feel safer with them on though. My bare feet just feel so exposed, like one wrong move and those screws are going to pop right out.

The boots also come with a whole set of rules:
I cannot move without them on.
I have to wear them while I sleep.
I have to take them off to ice my feet.
I have to take them off to use the bone stimulator (more on that tomorrow).

I am not really up for a shower today. I think tomorrow I'll get this babies wet and clean. I'll take new pictures of my feet without all that crap on them.

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