Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 28: These boots were made for walking

 This was me about a week ago:

Whenever I hang out with Freddy on the front porch in my wheelchair and pajamas, I feel like I am terminally ill, and just enjoying the beautiful weather one last time before I kick the bucket. Freddy does look a little worried in this photo as well.

And this is me today:

Check out my haircut! It looks so much better, but since this blog is about my feet, I guess the big news here is that I am standing on crutches! It is a little weird walking in these boots, but after a couple days of practice, I've gotten the hang of it. I can put all of my weight on my heels, but can only put 50% of my weight on the rest of the feet. In two more weeks I should be able to put all my weight on these things, and two weeks after that I should be in regular shoes.

My feet are also looking better. This first photo was taken about a week ago, when I had that infection. My doc looked at it, and said that sometimes subcutaneous sutures, instead of being absorbed by the body, are rejected, so that little "infection" was most likely some some of those bastard stitches coming out.

This next one is the same side a week later. You can see that the previous mushy whiteness has healed up, and now I have this new white speck a little higher. I am assuming that is also a piece of skin thread making it's way out.

And the rest of them:

Yep, looking pretty, pretty, pretty good. Some of that pesky skin glue is still holding on, but other than that they are fine. No pain, no swelling, no itching.

Next week I will be doing a bit of air travel, so we'll see how well I can get around an airport with big boots and crutches.

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