Friday, August 26, 2011

Surgery Recap Addendum

After Mikey read my previous post, he pionted out a few mistakes. I did write the post as soon as my Percocet kicked in so I was a little heavy handed. The biggest mistake though, was my poor perception of time after the surgery. It felt like Mikey was with me during recovery for about 10 minutes and that is how I wrote it in my last post, but he said he was there with me for about an hour.

He had arrived soon after the surgery was over and apparently just after the nurse fed me those crackers because he said I had crumbs all over my gown. Motor skills, such as chomping, definitely impaired. I remember talking to my doctor afterwards but I don't remember Mikey being there at that time, but he was. I do remember that he helped me back into my clothes and helped me pee, not literally, he just helped me onto the toilet. I don't really remember the drive home or what I talked about or if I even talked. . . Man, that anesthesia really puts you out.

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  1. So glad the surgery went well Trista! Congratulations. Rest well and keep blogging!! - Alysha