Friday, August 26, 2011

Recovery Day One and Surgery Recap

Day of surgery

The surgery was scheduled for noon, so I arrived at the surgery center at 10:45 to fill out paperwork. Then I changed into my gown and laid down on the bed that was covered with heated blankets, that was nice touch because it was rather cold in that prep area, and even colder in the operating room. The nurse got my IV started, took my blood pressure, heart rate, and all that. Then she asked if a med student could observe the surgery and I thought the more the merrier so I had to sign a consent form for that. I met the anesthesiologist who informed me that because the surgery would be rather long (estimated 4 hours because I had 4 knobs to work on) he would use general anesthesia, told me what to expect from it and blah blah. Then my surgeon stopped by too and they talked about some medical stuff. He wrote something on both of my legs, asked if I had any questions, then I took one last pee and got wheeled into the OR . . .

What felt like only one second my time, but was actually 5.5 hours real time and it was all over. I didn't feel nauseous, I just had a sore throat from the breathing tube, and my mouth tasted like medicated plastic. My vision was pretty blurry, and I felt well, drugged up. After a little while, the nurse fed me some crackers and a Percocet. Mikey arrived to pick me up and I was sent on my way.

I think we got home around 6:30. I took another Percocet because my feet did hurt pretty badly. (My prescription is for 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours.) I propped my feet up, ate some soup, Mikey carried me to the bathroom to pee a few times, and then went to sleep. Sleep was pretty crappy. I woke up about every 2 hours because lying on my back with my feet propped up constantly ain't too comfortable. But it wasn't that bad. The most annoying things were the gross taste in my mouth and blurred vision. When I woke up around 6:30 this morning my vision was finally back to normal.

Pain the day of surgery:

On a scale of 1-10, about a 5. When the percocet kicked in it was about a 3, whenever Mikey carried me to the toilet to pee it went up to a 4 and the feet would start throbbing immediately when not elevated. The pain itself feels like stubbing a toe really hard, kind of difficult to explain, but quite tolerable. I just have to keep them elevated every second.

Recovery: Day One

My dog is resting and I am resting my dogs. And that is pretty much all I've been doing since the surgery and resting is all Freddy ever does, so we're doing a lot of hanging out. He is probably wondering why I haven't taken him on a walk. Poor guy.

These are my wrappings. They are pretty heavy and then you add the ice pack and they get even heavier. Mikey bought this bean bag box yesterday for me and it is working out really well. It is sturdy, and soft, and high enough.

My toes don't look swollen at all. Hopefully that keeps up.

My toilet is about 10 feet from my bed so I just have to scoot off the bed and drag myself over there and lift myself on. I've gotten the hang of it so peeing is not such a chore that it was yesterday with Mikey carrying me there every time.

About a 2. When I feel the percocet start to wane it goes up to a 4. When I go the the bathroom about a 3. I've been taking only one pill every 4 hours. No nausea, good appetite, sore throat and bad taste is gone. It really has been a piece of cake so far.

My doc just called me to see how I was doing, and that everything went well and he's got some good x-rays to show me on our next visit on Monday. I can't wait so see these gruesome things!

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