Sunday, August 28, 2011

Recovery: Day Three

I am still trying to figure out the best time to write about my day, and it seems that the morning after was a little too late. I think I prefer to write about how my day was at night before I go to bed. Thus there are two posts up today (one for the day before and one for today).

And so today, Day 3, was a good day. I was pretty sleepy today and took a few naps. And the pain, what pain? The most pain I feel right now is in my abs and triceps. All of that lifting from off the bed and onto the toilet and back again has made them a bit sore. But at least I am getting a workout.

My feet are feeling great. In fact I think I'm gonna try to go 5 hours between pills instead of 4. It has been 4 hours since my last pill and I feel absolutely no pain in my feet. I am still icing and elevating constantly.

I've been a bit more mobile with my wheelchair. I've gone out to the kitchen to change my own ice packs, and throw away my breakfast apple that tasted like crap. I played fetch with Freddy in the living room for a while. And we just spent some time outside enjoying the cool evening air.

Tomorrow I look forward to my first shower, and to my first post-op appointment. I hope my doc is impressed with how well I've taken care of my little feet.

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