Friday, August 12, 2011

Pre-Surgery Stuff

You don't just walk into surgery without prior examination. Those surgeons want to make sure that your hemoglobins globe, your platelets plate, and your thromboplastin time ticks.

Before you go into surgery you have to see your primary care physician and he will check off your pre-surgery checklist that the surgeon provides. My checklist included: blood work, EKG, and a chest x-ray. Also my primary care physician said that I should get a tetanus shot, since my shot record showed that I hadn't had one since '91. I do remember getting one when I moved from Kansas to California in '02, but it wasn't on my record so I couldn't be sure.

That stuff was pretty easy. Needles don't bother me, although I forgot how sore that tetanus shot makes your arm, a little bit of radiation exposure isn't too bad, and the EKG took about 3 minutes. It did tickle when they put those electrodes all over me. I feel healthy and I eat pretty healthily, but it is cool to have on paper (not that I know what any of it really means) that my parts are working fine.

Pre-surgery lifestyle stuff (things I am doing to hopefully make me recover faster):

1. I've never been a vitamin taker, but two months ago I started taking one everyday. Can't hurt.
2. I am trying to stay active. A while ago I started running but of course it started hurting my feet a lot. I've got a bike and I ride that. And I walk my dog. I might as well introduce him now, since you will probably see him more in the next months.
This is Freddy:
During the cooler months he looks like this:

And during the summer he looks like this:

3. I don't smoke. This makes a big deal in recovery time. Plus it is stupid and gross.
4. I don't drink alcohol. Not sure how not drinking directly affects the healing process, but like the vitamins it can't hurt. My liver and kidney's are happy. And I'm not a stupid drunk moron, that is always good.
5. I'm not overweight.
6. I eat healthy. I am pretty much a vegetarian. I say pretty much because I can't be sure that when Thanksgiving rolls around that I won't eat some turkey. I do have to make sure that I am getting enough protein which helps in healing, and I think I'm fine in that department: tofu, beans, lentils, mmm I love them.
7. I am mentally prepared for surgery, I don't expect that I will be recovered in a few days, and I think I have enough to keep be busy and to keep me from going crazy during recovery.
8. I have enough time off of work (10 weeks total) to make sure that my bones are healed before I go back.

I'm ready!

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