Saturday, August 27, 2011

Percocet Nightmares

Well I was a little hasty with my first post-op post and should have waited until the night to blog about my first day or indeed I should have waited till the next morning which is now, so here once again is another addendum to my first day of recovery.

First of all the pain increased just slightly at night especially the outside of my right foot, but was still bearable. But that is only part of what I wanted to share. The real juicy story is the Percocet nightmares that I had . . .

I am not sure what time it was, maybe about 11, when I finally started to get to sleep. I was lying in my usual position on my back with my feet all propped up and ice packed. Mikey was on the computer just a few feet away so I could hear him typing and clicking. Then I fell into these weird uncomfortable dreams. I don't really remember what they were exactly, but they made me very claustrophobic. Some were just a little worrying, like I would get up with my bandages and walk on my feet which I am not supposed to do. In others, I was back in the surgery room and they were just kind of creepy. I kept waking myself up after them and would get back to reality and hear Mikey over at the computer. Then would try to think about good things before falling back asleep again.

So I tried to think about puppies and hoped that I would dream about them instead of doctors in scrubs and walking on my feet. And I did have a dream with puppies in it. I willed puppies into my dream!

I was fenced in with all these little dogs. It was almost like when Mikey and I adopted Freddy. It was outside of a pet shop and there was a fence set up in the parking lot. Just like that, nothing threatening or scary or uncomfortable, just me and some cute little dogs. But then I spotted a dog trapped under the concrete. There was a tiny hole, just big enough for this dog to breath through because I could only see his little snout and I knew that he was suffocating and it freaked me out.

I woke up a little bit, heard Mikey at the computer but before I could will other good stuff into my next dream I was asleep again. This time I was in the same position I was sleeping in. I was in a small grey room with two doctors in scrubs. And they were tearing down these foam like walls and smothering me with them. I couldn't breathe and they kept piling more foam walls on top of me. Suddenly I woke up tore the ice packs off, swung my feet over the bed, tried to catch my breath, and then burst into tears. It was the weirdest thing. Mikey came over to the bed to comfort me, but I just kept crying, I tried to catch my breath, and tried to explain the dream between my sobs. I didn't even know why I was crying, and I couldn't get it under control. I crawled to the bathroom to pee and cried some more. Then I finally controlled myself, sat in my wheelchair for a little bit to catch my breath and after a little while I felt ok.

Mikey looked up some of the side effects of Percocet and on the message boards, people said they had nightmares from the stuff and there was a study where a few people cried after taking it. . . But man, that was weird. I am not an emotional person. Mikey said that was only the 3rd time he had seen me cry in the 6 years we have been together.

Anyway the Percocet was waning and I knew I would have to take another one soon, and I was not looking forward to it, or the nightmares that I would make me have if I laid down again. But I took another pill anyway, and laid down to go to sleep once more. I felt a little nauseous but that could have just been nervousness. I finally fell asleep and didn't dream about anything. I woke up at 6 o'ckock, and Mikey made me some breakfast then I went back to dreamless sleep for another 4 hours. It was great.

And right now I feel just fine. We'll see how I do tonight. More puppies would be nice, as long as they aren't suffocating.

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  1. I try to avoid anesthesia and hard pain killers because the same thing happens to me: hysterical crying, weird dreams, and otherwise disturbed sleep. After I had my wisdom teeth I cried bitterly for about an hour before I truly regained consciousness. I'm sorry you had that experience! Glad you're doing better now, though.