Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Tomorrow I will be exactly 2 weeks away from my knobectomies. Oh man! I am really excited and a little nervous, but mostly I am obsessed with bunion surgery stories. Last night and tonight, I spent a lot of time looking for blogs, videos, helpful tips, or whatever I could find on the subject, and I have one tip for those doing the same: steer clear of message boards.

I have found that most message boards consist of people asking stupid questions they should really be asking a doctor, and then getting equally, if not stupider responses from idiots that don't reread what they have written so it is full of typos and txt msg like abbrivs that I find totes annoying, omg, wtf. I hate it!

Also on those message boards, there are really nothing but horror stories (amplified by stupid idiots that can't spell). That is pretty much all I read last night, and it made me a little worried. Tonight, though I stumbled upon these two blogs that I found quite helpful and reassuring: Emily's Foot Surgery and Double Bunionectomy...My Story. They were of particular interest to me because they are about getting both feet done at one time. So go read them if you are in the same boat. And then meet me back here in 2 weeks and I'll tell you my story. . .

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