Monday, August 29, 2011

Day Four: A Day of Post-Op Firsts

I had my first post-op poop. YES! I pooped for the first time since surgery! That felt good. It takes a while for your bowels to get back to normal after anesthesia, and the Percocet doesn't help. I took my last Percocet at 10am and have only felt light tingling of pain, mostly in my left foot so I think I am in the clear with that. I will switch to tylenol soon.

I also had my first post-op shower. That was lovely. Can't get my feet or bandages wet, but it still felt quite good. Sat my little shower chair and let the hot water run over me. I am not sure when I will take another one. It is kind of a chore to get in and out, and I am just sitting around anyway, not really cooking up too bad a stench. Maybe in a couple of days, I'll relive the magic that is a shower because it isn't just about getting clean and wet and smelling good. It is changing the scenery. Not that the scenery in there is that great, it is just a different chair to sit on and something else to do.

And lastly, I had my first post-op appointment. Nothing too exciting happened. My doc is really happy with my feet. He peeked down the bandages to see how the incisions were doing and they are fine.He showed me my post op x-rays and my metatarsals are all back in line. He said the real x-rays will happen on Friday when there is weight on my feet, though he was still very happy with all 4 operations. I was thinking that these big bandages would come off, but not until my next appointment on Friday. I was hoping to share some gruesome photos with you, and while I don't have the great revealing of my feet, my doc gave me these:

In these first two you can see that open wedge that the doc cut out of the bone.

In this last one, the wedge is closed and screwed together, fixing the wide angle of the 5th metatarsal. The screw is in there permanently. For my tailor's bunions he used this procedure, called a closed wedge oblique osteotomy. For the big toe bunions he used something else that I can't remember the name of. I'll ask him on Friday.

Other than all that excitement, I am still elevating and icing my feet all the time.


  1. Gruesome! But I can't seem to look away, hehe. Thanks for sharing pictures!

  2. Why do your feet looks so yellow and fake? And not that I want to see it, but why isn't there any blood? Weird. These pictures look like prosthetic examples of what the surgery would be like.

  3. They do look pretty fake. I think the yellow is iodine. And my doc said that they hold the foot up for a while to let the blood drain out, then put a tourniquet on my calf so the blood doesn't drain back down to the foot.